The Bad Old Days (Digital)

by Agonyst

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released July 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Agonyst Norwich, UK

Agonyst is Louis Coates (lead guitar/vocals), Matt Hoban (guitar), Phil Wilson (Bass) and Zac O'Neil (drums).

Founded in Norwich, England in 1998 under the name Paradox, Agonyst seeks to create original, complex and frightening sound-scapes, that both stretch the listeners' understanding and the performers' abilities to their limits. But that's as serious as it gets!
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Track Name: LARP and The World Laughs at You
I have made a major new discovery
And this is what I have found
The world isn’t round any more
It’s gone all pear-shaped
Now there is no such thing as the devil
Yet there are devilish deeds
In each and every single one of us
There’s a touch of schizophrenia
And us, we are mere aspects, assets and facets
Of a supreme character
Which we call Nature
Nature is in the wind
And the wind blows hot and cold
And so does God

These confounding times
Twist our feeble minds
Every passing day
Complicates the way to Heaven
Because you’ve got to get to Heaven
We’re all stuck in malfunction and unease
And we serve more masters than we can appease
We all fidget in an endless line, waiting all in vain
For a zero chance of a million diamond shine
Calling out the weaker ones
Botched brothers and bungled sisters
Their dismay will pave the way
To brighter future and better day
Sacrificing everything that made you whole
Die-hard consumer – achieve your goal
So count the billions
Lining up for a cup of nothing
Nature selects you
To shuffle on and feed the strong
Is it you or the others?
Who will earn their rightful place?
How can this be decided
On who can be the worst disgrace?
I’ve tried to change the world
So, know if you come
With morals from ages gone
And try to right the wrong
The world laughs at you
You’ll bend the knee
To oceans of apathy
And when you’re swept out to sea
The world laughs at you
Track Name: Bad Old Days
Lo, spring has sprung and the town is ris’
The new day illuminates the concrete
Tower blocks are drooling their shadows
As far as the eye can see
Suits and smackheads are staggering
Forming feeble fists inside their pockets
Too weak and tired to realise
Stop in their tracks and trace them back
To when false light was honest black
In the bad old days
They fed it to you cold and watched you vomit
In the modern life
They sugar all the information
In the bad old days
No detrimental fail could be afforded
In the modern life
Fat hands and shoddy work are all that remain
Cheers for any truth, no matter how dire
Fall from the mouth of Legion
We knew your name
Comfort offered in the flab of your fiction
Buys you time to flee the ruins
I know your game
Past tyrants all erased
And shadows in their place
Always there, affecting
Behind us, directing all
So headless we blunder
This madness is thunder
It’s screaming to tell me
This whole world will sell me out
Lo, spring has sprung and the town is ris’
Demented hunters chase the vermin
Watch your tower blocks come toppling down
Close the town and all the escape routes
For all your progress revolution still prevails
So shit your pants, cry like an infant
May your last words be your only truth
Look at your pathetic flapping tongue
Track Name: Poison Man
An image alive with lacklustre
Reflected endlessly back and forth
I stand alone ‘against the monochrome
A poison fang in the meat of its hide
Poison fang in the meat of its hide
We all love the city
We all love the rot
Every man is an anti-man vampire
And children glean the glory of warfare
The concrete jungle gathers aggressors
At its miserable heart
Come and find Heaven
Lose yourself in love
Feed on our welcome
Burrow in and die
Cannibals, waiting for the opportunity
Looking each other up and down
And smacking their lips
Honesty selected by Mother Nature for extinction
And taken out
Parasite, sickness in the belly of them all
Justifying my position with their behaviour
I go to sleep wondering if my enemy
Is a poison man like me
Track Name: Dolecard Dionysus
I used to be a model prick
I kept a job that made me fucking sick
Life was an wank without a cum
Decaf teas and nicotine gum
Now I won’t be told I’ve had enough
So shut your noise and drown me in the stuff
I won’t belong to anyone
Do not try to ruin my fucking fun
In league with the vineyard
Just me and my dolecard
Rise and shine and hark at the retards
They’re Downesing it up
This city is teeming with brainwashed, tightwad rads
Yes they’re captives, captives of their own greed
And the things that the TV says they need
Bleeding, sweating and crying – all for what?
For a mention? A pension? A heart attack?
Well I’ll raise my cup while you work your finger black
Clock in and knuckle down
Devote your life to misery and woe
Find your reward six feet in the ground
While I descend into delightful oblivion
My laughter is infectious
My behaviour is a dirty bomb
Come join the contentious
In exquisite delirium
Our time is too fleeting and easy to squander
To relinquish to those above-and-beyonders
Go now
I won’t give myself to systems grey and unending
Can you hear yourself? That’s cannibalism you’re defending
You with me or the cannibals?
Track Name: Solomon's Sabre
Hidden dangers here be shone upon
By righteous swing of Solomon’s sabre
Nothing escapes my knowing
Near or distant, you are not immune
No lock or guard excludes you treacherous pretender-men
From the things that you cannot pretend
It’s a process of elimination
Reversed-engineered conversations
Possible futures predicted and examined
And multiplying infinitely every time one is imagined
Soon I discover
And eject the undercover
They snarl like jackals
And speak of innocence
The shattered man on the concrete
Between main waterways
He cares not which way he slides
To give him a path is to pretend he is alive
But look at you, inconsolable
Like a grieving friend, a family member
Coconspirator, you rapist
Masks off one by one
Gone away and all the light gone with you
Maybe you were right and I was wrong
All along
Get away and all the light go with you
If the world be full of enemies
Let me fall
Keep away and keep the light all with you
If the world be full of apathy
Just watch me
Track Name: Pinnacle
Put your imagination to the test
And rest on your laurels
Become a true anarchist with the one and only God-being
And all its contradictions
This ain’t no fiction
This is all scribed in fact
Use tact and mental kung fu
Psychological warfare
If you are after a quick fix
Then search out an addict to
Love. Peace. Freedom.
Become a war poet in punk poetry
Psalm and sonnet, become a someone
Heaven is one Hell of a place
If you are after a quick fix
Then search out an addict to
Love. Peace. And freedom.
If you bang your head against a wall long enough
You will eventually dislodge a brick
And then brick by brick
The wall will all fall down
And then build it up again
And then you can live inside
Love. Peace. Freedom.

Those of you without comprehension
Those of you with your heads in the sand
Who history will never bear a mention
And destiny will never offer a hand
Do you ever look into the future
And see the looming of squanders to be
A tidal wave of coulda, woulda and shoulda
And wonder “what the fuck has happened to me”?
Folly to fall down, asinine to stand
Foolish to march on, no retreat
The pinnacle of evolutionary stasis
The time travelers who never left their designated places
We are born – we’re allve
We divide
We grow old, fall and die
So we plateau with nowhere to go
And nothing further to show
No future for you
It’s what you do or don’t that makes you worthy
No future for us
Why make a fuss?
Why care at all when we’re so happy, safe and sound?
Track Name: Smegmatic Peon B
He feasted on dismay and tragedy
His every move, a wave of misery
Everybody had this feeling about him
Like there was some missing vital part
Though he spoke in unassuming tones
Something foul and malignant burned in his bones
But in the name of community spirit
We accepted him and ignored our prejudices
And in the name of the benefit of doubt
We suspended disbelief and gave ourselves away
Smegmatic Peon B, with trust from the community
Exploited them to his own ends
Divided friends
No one left to turn to but him
One by one we all consult him
All come back from his word smiling
All come back from his world shining
Now we are one
Gave ourselves away, slave ourselves away
All for one, none for all
Track Name: The Leaper
Over the hill and I’m done in
A coulda-been
Chances had are gone away now
Too long ago to remember what it was
Who I was when I was me
Word on the wind is the leaper never flies
Telling me to be underground
So find me a hole to climb into
Bury me
Remember me as I was
Not as I am
Never fear, dear people
It’s a trap
Never fear assassins to your back
They could come whenever
Night or day
Might as well do something
While you may
Sink or swim
It doesn’t matter if you sink or swim
You fools
Only one window of opportunity
Comes along per lifetime
Missing out, wussing out
Will be our regret forever